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I can explain this.

In Kartrider, there are 3 types of pets. They are...

Item proof pet
More bonus pet
Revenge pet

Item proof pet makes you dodge certain item in certain percentage. They are usually 50% and unoftenly higher than 50%. It would be suggested for Item users.

More bonus pet allows you to have bonus then any other pets. It doesn't do anything much. Recommended for speed users.

Revenge pets are AWSOME! In battle mode( Where you fight NPC), it will use special attack in half chance when you gets attacked by NPCs. It's recommend for Battle users and those who cannot afford special attack alot (they are cash. They can save lots of cash. Even I have one.)

Also, please note that pets in sale all give you bonuses and most of the pets that are in sale are usually Item proof pets. More bonus and Revenge pets will be sold for short period of time and they are expensive. Furthermore, some of their powers may only work in certain mode of game.

Make sure you choose wisely.

EDIT: By the way, there's no pet such as blocking waterbomb AND give you RP.

But there's one which blocks water bomb and give you Lucci.
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