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Originally Posted by Kanjo View Post
Crossfire is horrible lol
Cause you can't play it.
Yea AVA's definately got way better graphics, but I still think CF has a better feel and gameplay. After all, pretty much most of CF's maps and weapons, characters came from Ccounter Strike, so don't talk. A LOT of the old pros that played CS is loving CF and competing for leagues in CF. Unlike combat Arms, it's more balanced in terms of map size and weapons. So ur horrible kid. Nuff said....

Originally Posted by whyamIregisteringhere View Post
I remember 'playing' crossfire. Good times.

You suck ubber.
Hack is not for lols at all.
Hacks are for people that can't play.

Scrub Light Ghost Gun Hack wtf u shuld be ashamed of urself ubber....

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