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Originally Posted by edyk3 View Post
I am old and its hard to drift consistently but i can do yeally crazy shit with a magnet and nitros item is more about proper item usage than luck despite what the speed freaks say and i guess since i am noob i must be easy to beat so come race with me for easy wins if you think i have no skills lol i am usally on mornings 8:00an till 11:00 or so Have Fun
Wal you dont have to do crazy sht but normal optimize drift is good :o.

I think its both cuz without good items u wont win unless the other ppl mess up, and its also good item usage with what you get. Also wiggling when caught by water and boosting when u get missled are stuff u can do...but it still depends on luck a little too much for my taste...

That said, I'd love to play with you regardless so yea :3.
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