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Originally Posted by Jacky1492 View Post
I rly wish Nexon wouldnt be a faggot. FPS games are meh. U realize that they're almost all the same you know, I used to be a FPS game freak too, playing CS, Combat Arms, COD, etc. It gets boring after a while, so I quit, I also stopped playing KR for a long time, I only log in every every other day just race a little. Theres not a lot of ppl on RKR, especially during the time i long on, so its kinda boring playing. Ur not missing a lot. O and PIRATING FTW!
Haha ur kinda cool.

Well, I figured.....probably like 97% of the people here has quit PK anyways.
I'm playing CrossFire. I like it more than Combat Arms.
I ma promote it.
And ma promote Tactical Intervention when it comes out. It's from the creators of Counter-Strike.

I like games that take skills to [play and requires a lot of hand-eye co-ordination, and fps games has just that. Not to mention they can be extremely competetive.

Need more Money so I can get Golden Guns in CF D: I don't want my PK account....

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