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Default Quiting PopKart. Selling Account!

PM me if your interested. I'm looking for payments of Ultimate Game Cards, Paysafe Cards, or Prepaid Credict Card Payments.

The Popkart Account is in Server 3 and it has:

Rank: Starred Green Glove 5
Hero Dao Character


Permanent Saber SR-Flame
Permanent Cotton-W
Permanent Lion SR
Permanent Plasma EXT-W
Permanent Panda Z7


Saber SR Emblem
Plasma Emblem
2011 Emblem
Water Bomb Attack Emblem

Other items:
Bunch of Balloons. Couple Hundred I believe.
Hundred something Boss attacks specials still left.
Permanent White Tiger, protects against Rockets(0~100% Exp)
Permenent Rudolph, protects against Water bomb attacks (0~100% Lucci)

Lucci: 244K

Pretty rare account. So, if anyboddy is interested in buying, PM me for which payment you're going to pay.
I will NOT scam unless you have a legitament payment stated above. Why am I selling? Because I don't want to play Popkart anymore and am planning on quiting.

So, offers below here or PM me.

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