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Originally Posted by TruK View Post
I've not been able to login for a couple of days... Also thought I was banned - I then ran the 4game portal "As Administrator" and it logged straight in...

Are you sure you're banned?
Uhh i checked my email and google translated the page and it said the account got banned cuz im in USA USA USA, yes it said it 3 times like dat lol.

EDIT: heres wat it says


Fogeymu sorry, 21/02/2011 at 18:16 KartRider account for [19920030] is blocked.

The reason for blocking the account: USA USA USA.
Blocking completed 05.12.2284 at 18:16.

If you are sure you did not break the rules, and there was an error - contact support. Is an automated email, answer it is not necessary. You can always change your notification settings.

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