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Default Russian Kart Rider

Unlike popkart you don't have to jump through loops to register. You just put your email in (yahoo doesn't work for some reason. Hotmail and Gmail are fine) then go to the email and click the very first link. It brings you back to the site where you make up the password for your account. After that it lets you download the installer, then the game itself downloads in about 15 minutes. And that is pretty much it then you log on and play. It doesn't have as much as popkart, it has about as much as I expected the NA version to have when it released again. It has up to L2, 5 r4 carts (the marathon is the only one that can be bought with ingame money, but its actually quite cheap and easy to get. 4k for 10 days. You get like 8k from the starter quests alone)

Anyways I'm posting this up because there simply aren't many good players on there. I gave up playing team matches because hardly anyone drifts. Hopefully that changes when I rank up to the green glove. I saw a rainbow and black when I was racing in rookie that weren't bad. Though I also saw some blue/red gloves still doing 0 drifting so I don't know. In any event, I've played both popkart and this russian one and it seems like there are more english speaking people on this one so its what I'm going to stick with.
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