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Originally Posted by HBuddies View Post
Since there are only small penisses working for neckson, I think they even did that to keep the crowd quiet.
LOL thats a good one but everyone I wouldn't get my hopes up if it does come back this prolly the best we could hope for is they start it where they left off with the same tracks and karts if anyone thinks it will be as good as the korean or even china you will be greatly dissiponted prolly have to wait 3 to 4 years intill they have what korea has now if you want your fancy karts and better tracks stick to the korean or china clients and by the way most prolly 70-80% can speak English and most i've freinded really enjoy conversations in english they learn it in school and don't have many oppertunities to use it outside the classroom thant being said look at the Russion client and thats what we will get:((((((((

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