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Well just like Daniel Kim said in the video, he reads every forums and tries to see what people are saying within their game communities. Hopefully this is true and he sticks to his word and hopefully he fully read my letter to him. Besides that, he also claimed that it takes a lot of money to keep these games running which is very true compared to a website like this (KE is still alive). That is why I vow to buy NX cash items for KartRider if the game is released and hope you guys also too. As long as the game is open, I will do my part to help to keep it open and I hope you do too. Monthly contests @ KE will also be established.

And adding to the part what jjroberts said about conversations in game to person relationships. The game brought that for the few months it lasted. That was also a great piece of it.

Thanks for posting that video to our attention. Definitely flew under my radar.

Gong xi fa ca!
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