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i can agree with you on that pal.

i just loved the english on the game!

i could care less about the content.

ohhh i remember i pissed off someone with maridia and they asked if i wanted to get kicked. At the time i had no idea what that meant!

someone said brb getting some coke. An entire conversation started about coke and pepsi!

oh those were the good old days. I just wish, i could go back in time and play it again. The philosophy is true, you don't realize how great something is until it's gone.

oh how i miss it so.
Kudos to you my great pastime
Amazingly amazing
Rigorous competition
Try to beat me!
Remember the good times!
Is it really gone?
Did they have to do it?
Exult nexon! exult!
Ready for a new start? bring it back!
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