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Originally Posted by HBuddies View Post
Wait... you need 3D animations for a 2D game? Take the screenshots yourself. And no, leecher, I will not help you. You won't need the in-game content for that.
And if you cannot unpack the dull client, you cannot make a private server.

Oh and after I sent you an unpacked client you want the encryption of the RHOs and so on blablablabla...

You can probably understand that I am totally upset of guys like you, which post their nice temporary ideas here and want my help. There were too many twerpy in-game resource leechers before you.

If you're different, proof me wrong and show me what you got.

But hey, you can use the game music from KartRider, which has been recorded from the sound card output - for sure!
Seriously, why call me leecher? Iv'e never insulted you in any way. I'm just asking a few questions. I never asked you to unpack my client. Iv'e never asked you for your files. Iv'e never asked you for your RHOViewer. Yes, ASProtect is easy to unpack as heard, I tried that, but there are still checks so you can't even start the client. I'm not good with that kind of stuff. Once client is unpack you can get packets from it. I don't see a reason why you should hate me for something Iv'e never done. I made my own emulator, so why insult me? My own MapleStory emulator, yeah. Iv'e learned how everything works and I'm aiming for KartRider. Is that bad that someone is trying to bring back what's dead? Is it? I don't see why you should go here, and tell me what to do. This is a free-forum, a free-internet, and do you know what's freedom of expression? I can do what ever I want or say what ever I want. I don't want you, HBuddies to stop what I'm trying to do. Iv'e never asked for your help, Iv'e just asked for the encryption / how did you get it, No more. My friend knows ASM for a few years, and we've found a few strings in the client. Here's some proof in case you don't believe me.

Seems like sort of encryption?

v5 = sub_7BAF40(v6 + (i << 14) + 620, v6 + (i << 14) + 620, v9, *(v6 + 262888)); *(v6 + (i << 14) + 616 + v9 + 4) = *(v6 + 262888) ^ v5 ^ 0xC9F84A90; *(v6 + 4 * i + 262760) = v9 + 8; *(v6 + (i << 14) + 616) = *(v6 + 262888) ^ (v9 + 4) ^ 0xF834A608; *(v6 + 262888) += 21446425; if ( !*(v6 + 262888) ) *(v6 + 262888) = 1;
IP that the clients connects to.

Create room.

dword_96DEF0 = sub_7A65C0("ChCreateRoomReplyPacket", &off_947064, (unsigned int)sub_702650, 0);
As you can see, that's what we've got yet from the half-unpacked client. Again, I don't want any flaming from you because seriously, I understand you had enough of the leechers, but I'm not one nor never asked from anything besides ecnryption. I hope you can understand me.

Good day.
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