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Originally Posted by HBuddies View Post
If you're programming a 3D accelerated game, the animations are one of the last things you need :) so I want to see stuff before.
It will be 2D probably. I would like to start working, so I would need the animations of the moving to right and left. Is that such a work for you? No, then why not help?

You know.. HBuddies.. I thought you were mature. Going back to yorur forum and writing this like this is your blog? Seriously, Why even flame me if I even stated I didn't do anything. Yeah. If I said "Omg there's the work. But no screenshots",
You'd have a reason to flame me. But seriously, Iv'e made my own emulator in MapleStory and I'm goalin' for Kart
Rider right now, yeah. Still looking for someone to unpack the client for me, then I can start work. And for the animation
things.. It takes 1 minute, so why even bother? If you don't want to, OK, I'll ask for a friend to dedraw in flash.

Oh! Look what I found, pfft.

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