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Default KartWorld - Introduction.

KartWorld - KartRider in 2.5D.

So I will be probably start working on a new project called
'KartWorld'. It will be game with the characters of Dao, Daisy
[Is it the name of her?] and Mos. The main game's point is to
level up, complete quests, and eventualy.. save the world (How ironic).

The game will be with classes for each character.


- Throwgun - Throws bullets with a gun (Regular bullets or even rockets in the actual kartrider!).
- (Name not decided) - With a special claw you can use various skills like the Fly (Kartrider's) to stun a monster, Magnet a monster, and more.

It will be 2.5D / 2D (Look at the garage at KartRider, see what it's gonna be like).
You can suggest new classes in this thread, or new characters to be in, or ideas. feel free to do so.

HBuddies, mind extracting the character animation from the garrage? THanks.

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