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Originally Posted by WireZ View Post
Three years. Three years is the time we're waiting for our beloved dead game to come back. Three years of praying for it to come back. And return, we get nothing. So.. is it our fault for complaining? Is it our fault for not doing anything about it? I don't know, but I think this time.. we should give up. We've been through a lot of situations to bring it back. Private servers, letters, and much, much more. It's time that we give up. This forum is dead anyways, and the domain and host cost is useless. I think we should give up on KartRider, and this forum. This is just my opinion, because we've been waiting for three years, and it's time that we either get up and do something, or either stay back and leave.

What do you think!? Express your opinions here.
Nexon is lying, they're probably not going to bring it back, but don't quit. Because if you stop playing Popkart or KKR, they might get rid of them too.
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