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Default KartExtreme - Let's bring what's dead.

Hello everyone. I'd like to intruduce myself. Gilbert Williams,
WireZ. I'm also known as Fraysa, in other forums. Recently,
Iv'e been through MapleStory development. I started my
own MapleStory Emulator on Visual Basic .NET (For learning
purposes, You can see it on other forum which I won't adersite
so Private Message me if intersted). Anyways, back on topic.

Through making it with someone else I won't mention, Iv'e learned
a lot. Iv'e learned how the game actually works, recieves data, send
packets, and much more. So I said.. Why MapleStory when we can
focus on brining back to life what's dead... our missed loved KartRider.

I will probably sound fake, or anything, but I have nothing done so it
can't be fake. I will probably hire more developers to work with me, if
wanted to. Not sure about coding langunge, since it's not out yet.
So our list to-do is this.
  • Unpack lastest client, Fixed IAT.
  • Remove GameGuard from client.

That's the main list for now. After we're done, we can start
working on the server-client communcation. I'll be gladly do that with
a Assembla SVN so you can see my progress. I'm very dedicated
and willing to work. Then, after setting the server, we can send the
packet that client recieves to connect (Can check with an unpacked
client), We will send that packet, and of course then the client will
connect. After we're sucessfuly in the game itself, We can start working.

If anyone here is willing to help with unpacking the client, removing
game guard and more which I have no idea how it's done, I will be glad.
Iv'e read a few topics about brain4la, iKart which made fake
progress. I think... why is that? e-penis?, e-fame? tell me. If
we really want to bring KartRider back to life, It's possible! All we gotta do
is work togther and do it. I might sound like a mayor speaking to you,
but no. I really mean it. There's the list to-do for us as if we started work.
  • Unpack client, fix IAT.
  • Remove client's GameGuard.
  • Set a server socket connection.
  • Discover what packet is sent for connection.
  • When the client connects, send that packet.
  • Get in the game it self (:.
  • Start working.... hard.

So again, if you're intersted at the job, I'll be glad. Again, no need
to flame or lock this thread. I mean it, I will be gladly do that since
I really loved KartRider. If you still don't believe, I will be glad
to show you my progress on vClarity, which is the MapleStory
emulator I started from scratch. Thank you for reading, KartExtreme
community. I will be happy to see replies from someone who can do
the client's stuff.

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