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Default 12/20/10 Nexon Article mentions Kart Rider

Not much, but here is a quote from the article:

"But the company is continuing its focus on the market with new development. While there have been stumbles with Kart Rider's no-go launch and the middling popularity of ultra-cute MMO Mabinogi, the publisher and developer has come back with a new wave of titles."

I went ahead and e-mailed the writer of the article this:

"Mr. Nutt,

I am emailing because I read your article about Nexon:

and saw that you interviewed them. Did you get any information about the future of Kart Rider, what their plans are with it?

I was one of many who played it during the beta in 2007 and am slowly losing hope that it will ever come out. Any information that you may have, or are able to get concerning the future of Kart Rider that you can give me would make me a very happy person indeed. Even if they said it's never coming out ever, any information would be awesome. I believe I can speak on behalf of the community that has dwindled over the years that it is wrong what Nexon America did, (keeping completely quiet, not telling us ANYTHING about the future of Kart Rider) and we have been awaiting any news for the past 3 years. So please, once again, if you have any information about the future of this amazing game in North America, or if you are able to obtain any information concerning the future of Kart Rider, I would greatly appreciate it.

By the way, I have a google alert for "Kart Rider, Nexon" set up and am emailed any time these words are used anywhere in any article or story, which is how I came across your article. Please help!


aka PROTLxALEX, AxClAlex
Leader of Kart Rider guild AxC"

and received the following in response:

"Hey Alex,

Nope -- I didn't ask about Kart Rider because the subject of the interview was the director of Vindictus (and also worked on Mabinogi.) Didn't seem appropriate to discuss.

From what I've heard about the game I am not sure that Kart Rider will ever be coming back, really...


- c"

I thought about pressing further to see if he could find out anything (which I'm sure he could, he has contacts in Nexon), but I don't want to annoy the guy.

His email is
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