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Originally Posted by Manj View Post
Due to the many requests I recieve to making Popkart accounts, I've decided to make a guide for it.

Step 1: Click here -->

Step 2: Click where circled below:

Step 3: Fill out the information accordingly.

If successful, you should be taken to the next page without a popup notice. There will be a message that looks like this in the next page:

For Chinese name: it must be in Chinese characters. You may use any one of the following (all made up names; for some of you who can read Chinese, I know some names are rediculous ):
李小日,王气珀,忠打死,将忑妮,黄妮妮, etc.

For Chinese ID:
First, select any six numbers desired (ex. 123456), then your birthdate in day/month/year format (ex. 25061988). Finally, one final digit (0~9).
So from that, your Chinese ID would come out 123456250619881.
Note that the final digit of the Chinese ID is completely relevant to your gender. For the final digit: it's a odd digit for males and a even digit for females.
If it doesn't work from the information above, you may use the following:
123456010119901 --> For males
123456010119902 --> For females

I have been told that most non-chinese speakers go on the third server. I'm not sure if this is true though.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post here!

Happy Popkarting!
hey can you translate in the game ?
I don't read chinese.
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