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Originally Posted by llex View Post
this no longer exists, just let this thread go~~
sorry, i cant help^^
NOOOOOO!!! WHYY!!! QQ!!!!!
I thought you can be the hero and can post up a new vpn nooooo why alex!
lol o well.
but srsly,
QQ now cause no one can have internet cafe bonuses.

And I think that's why TianCity changed internet cafe system thingie. The purple tag that's beside ur name that prooves ur in an internet cafe after the end of every race now changed to some long ass words. I think they know we're getting the benefits out of cheating it so they changed it lol.

I'm still hoping you or someone can find another one so we can all enjoy it.
I uno maybe someone can find a way to get in the new internet cafe system for Popkart.

OH EDIT: How do you get your TC stats as you have in your sig? At least teach me that please?

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