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Originally Posted by HBuddies View Post
The things you said actually make it sound like that, but I will have a look at your code now.

In the meantime, tell me why brian4la tried to impersonate me on other forums for his "AirRider Server" fake. I've read you know him.
No actually I don't know him. Iv'e read in some other forum about his threads with HackRider (His KartRider "Source"). It was PopKart files that was "convereted" to English some how to work on NAKR. He never gave proofs. (That's what I heard) so I added him on MSN, He gave me 2 korean sites to look for KKR Source so I can start off with to make NAKR Source.. But, He's just a bluffer.

I have no idea about the AirRider server (I have no idea what AirRider is tho) but I will look into that now.

By the way, do you have MSN?

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