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Thumbs up Set up a net-cafe network for PK only(at home)

Hello, everyone..
here is a good news for those people still playing popkart, and that is you can get the net-cafe rewards in your home, no matter you are in usa or canada or elsewhere, but you need to have a network connection!!
okay, the following pic is the screenshot of using the VPN at my laptop:

How to do so?
step 1:
go to [Start]-->[connect to]-->[show all connections], as the pic shows:

Step 2:
on the left hand side of the window you just clicked out, there is a [network task], below it, click on [Create a new connection];

then, shows up a new window again, and you keep press [Next>], until you reach this:

choose the second one, [Connect to the network at my workplace], then click [Next>];

then again, choose the second one, [Virtual Private Network connection], and click [Next>];

As shown above, then click [Next>];

As I said, so far, I find this site is a safe address, but if you dont trust me, it is up to your choice. click on [Next>];

Now, you are finished, and click on [Finish]. It then will pop up a smaller window for you to type in the username and password. And the new password is 999036

Then click on [Connect], and you are now free to go.

This VPN is absolutely FREE. And because it is free, it is NOT perfect. It is only good for server 3 and 4 in PK; if you play on server 1 and server 2 using this, you will be extremely lag. Also, this connection will be disconnected in every 45 mins, so that means you need to reconnect to it after 45 mins. And, the password of this VPN is provided by, so it will be changed sometimes. but dont worry, I will post the new password if that happens.

Okay then, here you go, you can enjoy the net-cafe karts and character and bonus @your home.

For future purposes, the current password can be seen here:

by Hbuddies

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