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Originally Posted by edyk3 View Post
Allthough this guy dose some tricks if you notice he is very seldom in 1st place the magnet ones seems more to cause the other person to crash and and spinn out also crashing himself than to take the lead which could be effective in team race only on item single it just pisses people off and get you kicked and raceing by yourself is soooo much fun.
i think u didnt really notice that, he was playing in team races when he used magnet to carsh on other ppl, and his teammates were already in the front or the person he crashed on is the first one of the other team.
and in the team item race, getting a first place is not so important, and it doesnt mean you are so good at it, but means a good team at backing up the first one.
and those video he shows, are all the techniques he collected from his previous races(like 1,000,000+ rp in total on item) so in those video, he s just showing the technique u need to have but not like crashing everyone in every race.
and here is his information


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