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Default New Popkart Event (Firecrackers)

There's a new event in Popkart. You'll get firecrackers during the race (like the eggs, gems, etc.), and to "open" them, you need matches. Matches cost 20 nx each in the shop or 10 for a little less than 200 nx.

People seemed to be winning permanent special karts from the firecrackers according to scrolling banner announcements (they were announcing the names of permanent kart winners). There were SR-Z karts and a PRO karts won that I couldn't match up with anything in the shop. The banner announcements were kind of annoying.

Just for fun, I got 11 matches for my firecrackers, and here's what I got:

30 day UFO protector (great since my current set expires tomorrow)
100 use balloon (X 2)
50 use balloon (X 2)
30 day goggles (X 2)
10 extension for my bird
10 day clover drift marks
30 day dalmatian (X 2, so 60 days total)

The dalmatian is not available in the shop, and it protects against the rocket and adds lucci like a normal pet.

The balloons and UFO protector were the only useful things for me, though the dalmatian was a nice surprise. I guess I'll get a few days of use out of the goggles also. Has anyone else tried this? Was there a similar event in KKR in the past?
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