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Appearantly Panda SR is considered as a "sucked" kart in speed mode, Hunter(Ranger) SR still has the maximum potential speed (Don't forget, Hunter/Ranger SR is the fastest in both N2O / Drifting, it goes up to 130-140 when drifting, which none of the karts in PK can reach that speed)

Although it is obvious that Panda SR is an item kart, because you get 3 item slots IN ITEM MODE (not speed mode, if that's the case, TianCity will be making mass amount of money)

Hunter/Ranger SR will still stay as a king of karts in PK for a while, until when SaberSR / Storm maybe (but people already say that Hunter/Ranger SR is like the PK version of Storm) / Maybe PT / EXT and the list goes on.
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