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I'll try to write one.

For me, KartRider started sometime in mid October, when a couple of friends told me of this cool racing game like Mario Kart on the computer. I was immediately aroused. It was the first online game I'd ever played. I played for several hours a day whenever I had free time and even my friends thought I was crazy. I'd always liked such racing games so to me this was like heaven. Most of my friends dropped the game within a couple of weeks though, saying it was boring, repetitive and gay. I continued anyway, even though I knew very little people.

I used two accounts for KartRider. My first account was stephen190. I spent about a month on it and for some reason stopped using it when I went broke. I accidently bought three Pumpkin E2s. I hated creating new accounts, as it took me forever to catch up to where I was on the last one. I soon plucked up the courage and created stephen64 and was far more successful, making sure I never wasted my lucci again.

I played item at the beginning, but I soon moved on to speed mode. It took me a while to find out how to get the mini turbo at the end, but that was OK. I never really got good at speed mode; I've barely mastered double drifting. I still thought speed mode was fun though.

I became a member on KE because I heard it had a better community than the Nexon Forums. I was once again aroused as it was the first real forum I'd become part of. My history on this forum hasn't been a nice one. I became somewhat a loudmouth, constantly sharing my opinion on things, and not always in the kindest fashion. I was always caught up in arguments, with everyone against me. At the time I couldn't see that I was being an idiot, so I never gave up. This tarnished many friendships I had formed and had made me an unliked member of the community.

I saw guilds like NPX, PROTL and A1 and I thought it was a wonderful idea. As I hated creating new accounts but I wanted to create a guild, so I came up with an idea, creating a guild with 64 at the end. It was a shocking idea, and I was ridiculed and teased for it. I only had one member (not including myself). It closed within six days.

I still really enjoyed KartRider, and I still wanted to create a guild, so I thought I better make one the traditional way. I thought of the idea far too late. By the time I had finished preparing my guild, Speed of Light, the game was going to be closed within a week. At the time, I didn't really care as I thought the full client would come out soon. I was very disappointed when I saw it would take a while.

As I hated creating new accounts, it took me at least a month before creating a PopKart account. PopKart was about three years ahead of KartRider, and was the preferred choice out of it and Korean KartRider simply for its joining ease. I originally started playing on server 3 under the name stephen190 and was going to join LOL. My phobia to account making got me into trouble once again. I asked if someone would buy me a name changer so I could just change my name to be a LOL member, but I was expecting something unrealistic. Again my reputation went down again. To many, I was seen as an annoying little parasite.

I moved to server 4 and joined FoS. I was a long member but once again I had made a fatal mistake. After accidently getting my hold on my leader's login details I decided I'd try one of his karts. I logged into it and I saw there was stuff in the gift box. I was going to accept them for him but I accidently had deleted them. I was soon kicked from FoS and had become one of the most hated in the community. I'd realised that if I had run a guild, it probably wouldn't have taken off anyway because of a hated leader.

I continued to play PopKart but I had very few friends to race with. I was beginning to feel the language barrier and everyday I begged random chinese people for a name changer, so that I didn't have to wear the FoS tag anymore. Besides, FoS didn't want me to wear the tag anyway because of my stupid behaviour. I was being stupid begging, but one day, I received a name changer. I changed my name to SoLxStephen and things started to turn around for me.

I'd finally realised what an idiot I'd become and tried my best to fit in again. I made new friends in PopKart and I was no longer teased or caught up in arguments on the forums. Things were going to be OK again.

I continued to play PopKart for a few more months, but everyone was slowly moving to Korean KartRider, a far more developed game than PopKart, as finally someone had created an accurate guide to creating an account. I was alone once again.

As usual, I finally plucked up the courage and made a Korean KartRider account. I joined Eminent and made a few friends. However, this is around a year after KartRider closed and many had given up on the game. Slowly, people started to leave Korean KartRider too.

Korean KartRider became boring, with the language barrier and few people to talk to. I soon quit the game.

I used to be so amazed by this internet game world that I'd never knew existed but had always wished for, but now it's a cold, boring place. A place I don't want to be in anymore.

What do you think? I've never been a good writer, so it probably sucks.
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