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Originally Posted by Alex View Post
I've ....
Wow long story alex :O.

I used to watch you and taco's vid a lot on pyramid mesa to get it straight :P.

I'm too lazy to get into the details but I got into nakr because of 2 friends talking to me about it. One day one of them told me:" koreans play another game that requires skills, it's a game with little karts." We are starcraft players; therefore, love koreans and their games :P. And my other friend told me like a day later : " Hey I play a little kart game it is very fun."

So I started playing nakr as g4m3sh4rk then moved with Carbon as CRB|Sh4rk then to PK as soon as I was able to register and finally kkr.

I miss NAKR so much.

EDIT: I was also in team lol at some point but they got rid of all the "inactive" ( I was on kkr) players :(. Sad day for me.

EDIT 2: Just shortened the quote because that was some amazingly long quote :O

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