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Default Project KartRider

As you all already know, a game that we all love, have spent time playing, and have enjoyed dearly has been taken away with us with a promise of return. However, Nexon’s misleading statement of taking away the game in order to better it is become more and more obvious as what it truly is, a bluff. This is suggested by the large time period between closed and open beta which resulted in a lack of any sort of update other than scenario mode which was simply copied and translated from Nexon Korea.

So what was Nexon’s reason for taking the game away? Simple. Nexon is a business. Like any other business, all their actions are money-motivated. So why would a business take KartRider away and not quickly return it back like the majority of its other games? Again, simple. Nexon doesn’t forsee a profitable response from its customers for the game.

However, this view is obviously incorrect. A large amount of players are still eagerly awaiting the game’s arrival. That is what this thread is for. Nexon needs to be shown, not from one person randomly at a time trying to make spam posts on its forums (many unsuccessful attempts have been made), but from an organized community, that a large group of people are still interested in KartRider.

How to do this? Well, this is where you come in. One person cannot make a difference in Nexon’s mind. One person cannot capture Nexon’s attention. One person cannot convince a company to start selling its product again. If that one person is alone. This thread will serve as the basis for our ideas, our communication, our organization, and hopefully, our eventual success.

If you have any ideas, any ideas at all, no matter how stupid they may sound at first (well, don’t get too stupid), share them with the community. Discuss them with us. In addition, if you feel compelled to do so, post your KartRider history in Alex’s thread (found here). We may be able to find some use for that.

Your KartRider History

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