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In Item Team, Battle and Champs the RP level and Emblems displayed is the only way to judge someone comming into the room. Even it does not say much about the skill, but who wants to take chances anyway? Afterall, chance that one 5 rainbow star guy from SL or restore guild is more skilled than a guildess black glove guy, is quite high.
And after ChenChen + 100% RP Bonus cards were introduced into the game, people could easily level from yellow 5 to rainbow star 5 in just a few months, playing exclusivly Battle Mode. RP Level can tell about a rider's skill, but it is as easy to hide one's true skill behind a high level.

Originally Posted by G4m3ShArK View Post
in Item, where you get no skills.
If u mean intelligence and strategic thinking are no skills, then yes, there is not much skill to earn in item.
And for those who think item is pure luck, then those playing in guild matches should be suggested to try playing lottery every now and then. Their amount of "luck" could turn them into millionaires in no time.
There is a reason why the most popular item channel is rookie and L3. L2 and Guild is a different league, and there is not much to gain for the average player.
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