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Originally Posted by Jaguar
1. Yes as you obtain licenses, you unlock new maps that you can only use while racing in those licenses.
2. There are some items that you can buy forever, but most have a span of 7,30, or 365 days depending on which you buy.
3. Pumpkin is faster and drifts easier in my opinion. The fast part is a fact though.
4. Gloves are pretty useless though with some gloves you are able to unlock new items by obtaining that glove color. other then that, it's just to show how much you play/ how good you are.
5. No, if you just non-drifted you should have been able to beat him. About his "weakness", they just say that to jazz up the "story"
6. Bonus card is gotten with NX cash and once you have it the characters bonus's are unlocked until the card expries. Though, NX characters like bazzi do not need a bonus card to enable their bonus's since they already cost NX.
You can be a little bit more specific when you are saying what maps you can unlock, and what specific items are currently limited, and others forever?
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