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Default A Few KARTY Questions

1) Do L3 L2 w/e, I call them "Leveler" players, do they get new maps that rookies don't have currently in the game?

2) When you buy an item from the Cash Shop with Nexon Cash, do you get to keep it forever, or does the day limits still apply?

3) What is better, the Pumpkin Racer E2, or the Sabre C1 (in your opinion, or in just a factual if its suppose to be...)

4) Whats so good about promoting to a new coloured glove, besides going through and finishing licences?

5) Did YOU have trouble beating Brill in a race in scenario mode? I did, it took me all day, couldn't find his weakness at first..

6) When it mentions "bonus card" under a characters description, does it apply normally? Or does it require something you would need to buy from Nexon Cash?

Thank you, if you were to take your time to answer these questions. :)
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