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Tiancity has to pay high licence fees to nexon, so they charge cash for most of their karts. In kkr every item kart is purchasable with lucci; since this is not the case in pk, no suprise the rabbit SR is a cash kart. The new Burst emblem in pk shows their greed clearly: in order to get it, u need all Bursts from G3 to SR (whether u needed to possess it once in ur career or at the same time i dont know...). And just the G3 is a lucci kart, u have to buy the others with cash.
That's why its suprising they give the Guardian SR away for a whole year. Though it doesnt have blue nitro as the kkr version, the gold shield still makes it very valuable in item. But maybe they make it crappy enough to keep their shop still alive.
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