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Default Popkart NX guide (the real one)

first of all I am sorry for my poor english and no pictures.

I would like to release a NX guide since a lot of people want to buy nx and don't know how.

Step 1 :go to this link:

after you clicked you should see "INSTANT BUY"(It might be out of stock so instead of "INSTANT BUY" you will see "out of stock in the middle of the page) button,click on it and you will be directed to a paypal logging page,log to your paypal account,then you should directed tp a page and in the middle of it you should see "Pay Now",click on it.
Now a new window will be opened[If not then use the history button(I recommend to delete all histories before doing it)] and there will be a few lines like the following:
Item name:doesn't matter
Card number:Write it down
Pin:Write it down
Expire date:It says when the card expires

Step 2:go to this link:

There you should see the following lines in chinese:

1st box-your account name
2nd box-your account name again(same as the first box)
3rd box-Card Number
4th box-Card Pin Number
5th box-just write the letters you see above it

Step 3:
Log in to your account and ENJOY your NX :)

If anyone wants to buddy me I play in server 3 and my name is iLoveRex

Nice guide :)

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