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works with Any game....the effect is produced by the brain itself. The 3d effect is done by a fast flickering of the lenses that switches from lense to lense = left to right at a very fast speed, too fast for your eyes to capture. then brain will translate the image into a 3d..the effect is quite inpresive.

Originally Posted by edyk3 View Post
They look pretty cool but are they worth $100.00 .
Just google EDimensional wireless its the first link.
Some go for as much as $700.bucks Now thous fuckrs rock"too musch money though..Some are about $25. but the lower price ones dont support LCD screens..This one is pretty much the only one i found that support LCD and most if not all Nvidia drivers and some aTi's..."yes you need a graphics card for the full effect to be apreciated."

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can you tell me what is this 3d gaming glasses youre talking about. it sounds cool
just google it, Lots of info..I was always curious about that technology..I had the money so decided to quite pleased with it..But dont try if you are not convinced plus see system recomendation before buying. Im not telling ppl to buy. just wanted to see if any body else tried any similar products and share my experience.

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