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I don't think I really consider one more important than another.

Karts with bad handling CAN be mastered, it just takes more time. But if you get used to a specific kart, it may be hard to get used to another kart, even if the other kart has better control.

When you're thinking about SR's, the top karts (Cotton, Saber, and STORM) are pretty different, but they're all considered good. They all have decent control, some are just better than others. And they also again all have decent speed, just that some are a bit faster than others.

So really, I'm looking for a kart that's decent with everything. Doesn't really answer the poll, but it is my opinion. I used to always say I wanted a Saber (good speed, good control on drifting, bad control normally), but after trying everything out, I'm not really sure anymore. When good karts start coming out on NAKR (like R4), I'll make my decision. I've really only been stuck with Marathon's on PK, which have crappy control and crappy speed, so I haven't made my decision yet.
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