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no wasn't precised as "Open beta" just as "it will be released.
when we said released we talk about "official release/launch"

anyway stay polite, i always talk quite properly... and i'm respectuous to you, i just don't like the way you believe nexon so easily.

anyway i agree there is maybe nothing to do, but wathever?
why not talk?

and BTW, i still hope to be wrong , of course, i would prefer.
but the more important thing is the fact they unlinked the game, how could you explain that?
hime said herself : "unlinked from means KR isn't an active game anymore"
"active" means they aren't working on it.

Originally Posted by G4m3ShArK View Post
I told you already and have proven to be right that kartrider WILL come out.
where ? how? just show me , lol.

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