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soulreaper, maybe...

but for KR i don't think it is the matter...
the game is already worldwide smash hit!
with more updates, big advertising. and such. NAKR would get bigger than maple story in no time.

i guess something else is behind this trouble about NAKR not coming....

could be political issues or maybe nintendo partnership , i dunno.
or maybe it is something else, someone said something interesting.
they maybe are working on something a bit different from Popkart and KKR, like retake the graphics and maps to "adapt" them to occidental gameplay.

anyway, it starts to be very long and strange.... most of NAKR fans are already playign something else and forgot about this tinny open beta....
look at all forums and posts about Open beta around october 2007...
everyone was mad at the game.

today, we are maybe 100 people who still wait it....

and nexon is huge and clever company. they aren't making "errors" like this big one. i'm sure it is all calculated.

for the best...
or the worst.... (more chance... sorry)
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