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i'm 20 and lot of other people like me loves this game, loves it soo much that we still "hope"

but it looks like it is going really bad.

look at this interview :

at the end it is said : "Outside of MapleStory, Nexon plans to release KartRider in North America before the end of the year."
the article is from 09/07/2007.....
already closed beta done when interview was done, and we are half 2008.
"end of the year?" lol

and there is another early interview about Tha´wan Kart rider openning soon (altought our NAKR is still dead for ages...)
look : "
"Kart Rider has been very successful in Korea, China and Taiwan. It is also regarded by Thai gamers as one of the most anticipated games making their debut in Thailand."
Hehe. No North America!"

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