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Originally Posted by InterNational View Post
^LOL! Yeah, my friend is in one of the main guilds in CSS. He's sponsored by Sony and Mastercard, I think. It's amazing. I went to one of the tournaments... holy shit they are fucking crazy. And the money they make for winning is insane.
Yeah, the same can be said for Kartrider though :o

The last tournaments prizes were:

For the grand final match:
1st: 500만원 (5,000,000 won, ~$5,010 USD)
2nd: 300만원 (3,000,000 won, ~$3,006 USD)
3rd: 100만원 (1,000,000 won, ~$1,002 USD)

For the league:
1st: 1500만원 (15,000,000 won, ~$15,030 USD)
2nd: 700민원 (7,000,000 won, ~$7,014 USD)
3rd: 300만원 (3,000,000 won, ~$3,006 USD)
4th: 100만원 (1,000,000 won, ~$1,002 USD)
5~8th: 50만원 (500,000 won, ~$501 USD)

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