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Originally Posted by Elmo View Post
I saw it somewhere lerking around. I don't remember where.

Btw, some of the items are not "first only".

And, what if I made a speed guide first? , probably not, I'm too lazy <IMG class=inlineimg title=">..

Basicaly speed is just play, drift, boost.

If your making a speed guide you'd have to include a drifting guide but there already is a drifting guide so I guess you can refer it in your speed guide.

Run on sentences ftw~

And wow dude, this thread is not a poll! Accomplishment it is.... :P

Oh and there's that missle that just twists you.... what is that? If it matters what map you play, I don't think it does because I've been hit with both in the same game <IMG class=inlineimg title=">..
I don't post much polls about Kartrider anymore
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