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Originally Posted by stephen64 View Post
The first time I got the flag I was so excited but it was so short lived. Some guy with a Solid PRO bashed into me and i only got it for 1 second. My record is 1min and 2 sec.

I thought it was a good guide but I'm not American and me and maybe a few others don't understand the metaphor. Try to use something a bit more general but otherwise, a great guide.

And last but not least, LOL to yxin1's post.
lol sorry. It was about football. I guess in Australia, you guys must play cricket?
By far, the most overlooked part of every sport is the defense. The batsmen are always paid more than any of the good defensemen in the league. Generally, speaking, the people who can hit the ball get more money and fame than any of the bowlers and defensemen, no matter how good they are.
College ftfw.
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