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Strategies for Team Mode

There are two main components of a good team: the offense and the defense. Both are extremely important to the success of the team. However, offense and defense in this game are different from any other game. Both types of gameplay involve attacking the other team, just for a different output. Since there is only one flag, being proficient at both is quite necessary.

Flag Mode is quite a complex thing, because it combines two art forms: dexterity and logic. You have to be comfortable with moving around in your kart in free will. You need to be able to maneuver even without a course to follow. That's dexterity. Logic is knowing when to use items, how to use items, when to drift, how to avoid attacks, how to get back to base, etc. Both of these are extremely hard to instruct and/or teach. It can only be accomplished through honest effort.


Offense is what most people consider extremely important. It's necessary in every form of sport to win and is almost always seen as the largest necessity for success. In Flag mode, offense is very much a big part of the game. Scoring is quite a lot harder than it may seem. Getting the flag is just the half-of it. You need to maintain control of it to a certain point. For the most part, Flag Mode games are generally chaotic. People are running around in circles not sure of what to do. However, that's not the ideal case. The ideal case involves a few ideals:

1. Communication: This is, by far, the hardest one to master, especially since you cannot talk while in game. Communication can only come out through extensive practice as a team. Now, of course, this is not organized competition, so how are you supposed to do this? Simply put: You have to be vicarious-look through the scene from your teammates' point of view and from there decide your course of action. Remember, you have to be quick about things.

2. Plan:No one goes into anything without a plan; without a desired outcome. Of course you know the latter, but how are you going to do that? You need to know the answer to this. Plans are very different and depend on the team. If you don't know the members of your team well or at all, then I would suggest to attempt to play defense first, and then migrate to offense. Observe your teammates in action before proceeding to act. It may turn out your teammates suck harder than a piece of shit smells. Or, it may turn out that your teammates are incredible at the game and know what the hell they are doing. When/If a team is close to scoring, go to where flags spawn and wait it out.

3. Help out your teammates: This is a team effort. So, you have to act as a team. If your team is retarded as fuck, then you may need to help out more than if they are made up of all ADO members. If your defense is struggling, stay on offense, but help your defense by attacking the other time while remaining on offense mode.

Generally on offense, you don't attack in the general sense. You get the flag and you move it back to your colored goal. It's easier said than done, I know. But, that's your objective. You have people backing you up, however.


By far, the most overlooked part of every sport is the defense. The quarterback is always paid more than any of the Offensive Tackles/Defensive Tackles/Safeties in the league. Yes, even if the quarterback is Alex Smith of the '49ers.

Now, defense is, in my opinion, the hardest part. Not only do you get blamed for if you lose, but you don't get any thumbs up for a win. Team Flag Mode defense is crucial to success. As a defenseman, you need to make sure no one of the opposite team is able to score. Generally, you position yourself right in front of the other team's goal. Now, they HAVE to get past you in order to score. In addition to the rules for Offensive players, you need to:

1. Know how to attack: I don't mean: Press CTRL. No. I mean how to attack and when. In other words.... Who should I attack with this rocket? How is he going to try to get by me? How do I position myself the best to block him? These questions must be going through your head when you see someone coming towards you.

2. Know how to respond to attacks: Most likely, the other team won't sit there. They'll be bombarding you with attacks making it hard for you to concentrate. You need to know how to avoid these attacks while attacking the member of the other team who has the flag.

3. Know how to play as an offender: If you use a rocket and make the other team drop the flag, you need to know what you should do next. If you're close enough to the flag, go for it. But, the risk here is in: What happens if he or a teammate gets it back? Then they may actually end up scoring. If you manage to get the flag, also, you need to know how to get to your goal and score for your team. Don't simply sit there and wait for backup.

Defensive skills require a lot more intense training and dedication to master. I'm nowhere close to acquiring mastery in these things.

The Middleman

Ah! So, you want to do both jobs, eh? That's fine. But, remember that you are not your own team. Being a middleman is intense. First off, you will NEVER get the flag from where it spawns. You are not offense, but in between. Your role in this complicated game is to simply look over the entire game. In a sense, you are the captain. The captain isn't necessarily the best, but the best at what he does: using responsibility. You attack much like the defensemen do: use items in the crates, but not just that. You cannot rely on just that. If your defensemen is able to get the flag out of the hands of the other team, it's your job to get it and bring it home. You don't want the defenseman to have to run toward the flag, lose his position and risk a goal. Your job is demanding, but not as necessary as the two prior jobs. Your role is very progressive, however. You can be the difference between the success of your team and the failure of them.

Single Play Mode
So, you hate teams. That's fine. Sadly, though, you will use the strategies of both the defense and the offense. I don't play much single-play mode. But, I do suggest this for you adventurous beings: DO NOT GET THE FLAG FIRST. If you do, you're condemning yourself to a lifetime of attempting to achieve the flag. I always go after the nearest box to try to find a weapon of some sort to use. Going from defensive mode >>> offensive mode seems to work wonders. No one attacks the defender in Single Play. Once you get the flag, try to maintain it. Juke players by using maneuvers you would not use in regular speed or item games. Such endeavors could include: Mirror Drift, moving in unpredictable directions etc.

Note: This is very basic and is therefore not a thorough enough paper to base any judgments off of. This post is in the general sense rather than specific. Hope I helped a little bit. And, yes, I wrote all of that just now.
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