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Smile The complete NAKR guide

So, my dear friends, take a break from runescape and maplestory and actually play a game that requires skill.In MS or RS, you click the mouse or press a button on the keyboard to attack.Anyone can press a key, but not everyone can mirror drift or double drift.

Note:things related to kartrider that are not included in this version(flag mode,reversed maps) will not be mentioned in this guide.

Download kartrider from to start playing.Make sure you create an account before or while it's downloading.More details are on the site.

After it has finished downloading, log in and start playing!Create a character.If you are a boy, choose Dao.If you are a girl, choose Diz.Name your character(up to 12 letters and numbers) and click ok.

Because the other options are locked for now, you will have to choose tutorial.Tutorial basically teaches you how to play and the keys you use.

When finished, you must then complete both Novice and rookie licences.Don't worry, they're both easy.After you have done that, you should be able to drift and be able to use items.Head to the Multiplayer room to start racing.

RP-Some of the newer players may get confused about what this is.RP is short for Race points and are technically experience points in KR.

Lucci- Lucci is the currency in Kartrider.If you have completed the last test of the novice licence, you would have had to collect up to 50 lucci on the track.Lucci can be used to buy new karts,characters,plates and colours in the shop.

Gloves-Instead of numbers as levels, Kartrider uses gloves.You actually start at white5 if you haven't completed both licences and cannot receive RP or Lucci.The first eligible glove is yellow with 5 fingers.Yellow5 for short.When you level up, you will lose a finger and become yellow4.When you are at yellow1 and you level up, you will become green5 and repeat.The colours for the gloves in order are:yellow,green,blue,red,black,rainbow.When you get pass rainbow ,you will become starred yellow5.Then starred green,blue,red,black and rainbow when you reach new gloves.Currently starred rainbow1 is the highest level, but in other versions it isn't.

Items-All items in kartrider whether bought or received has a time limit of a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 90 days in NAKR before it expires.Items that won't expire are default items such as Practice kart, default colour and Dao or Diz.

Trade-You cannot trade with others in Kartrider.The only way to send an item to others is to gift it.Items received from quests and events cannot be gifted to others.

Maps/tracks-There are Many maps in NAKR, up to 16 different ones in 5 themes.The 5 themes are –Zoomtown- 3 maps Freeway,Rivera Rift,Arch enemies
Desert Drift- 4 maps Pyramid mesa,Sandpit,Oasis,Bizzare bazaar
Frenzy forest- 4 maps Basil road,woodland,Mushroom cave,zig zag
Arctic rim-3 maps Ice cave,Shark fin,penguin town
Creepy hollow- 2 maps Fright flight,Hidden monastery
Each map has a difficulty level of 1-5.Currently there are no 5 difficulty maps.

Characters-There is currently 7 characters in NAKR. Each of them has a bonus which can be activated using a bonus card but that has not been released yet.

Dao-Dao is the role model for all riders. He does not like attacking other riders during races, and never cheats to win a race. He started riding karts when he was younger and excels at winding turns as well as possessing excellent drift technique
Bonus: +5% RP & Lucci

Diz-Diz was a tad shy at first, but through practice, became one of the best riders though she can be a little wild at times. She is planning to find the evil Lodumani with her boyfriend Dao.
Bonus: +5% RP & Lucci

Mos-Mos is the biggest kart maniac in Boom Hill who believes there is more to a race than winning. He loves karts and he even mods his own kart.
Bonus: +25% RP & Lucci if you finish in the top 3 in Single Mode
+10% RP if your team wins in Team Mode

Chunk-Chunk is a rider who is constantly practicing. He is intimidated by high speeds, but his expert use of items more than makes up for this.
Bonus: +10% RP & Lucci

Brill- Brill is a technician who learned to drive by testing the karts he built himself. He also builds his own karts and has a deep understanding of kart construction.
Bonus: +50% RP if you finish first in Single mode
+20% RP if your team wins in Team Mode

Maridia- Maridia dreams of winning Dao's heart through her racing skill. Maridia wants to win his love more than any race.
Bonus: +10% RP and +20% Lucci if you finish a race in Single Mode
+10% Lucci if your team wins in Team Mode

Orion- Orion is a very active and outgoing rider. He loves to race with his friends! He is a Kart enthusiast whose main goal is to one-day master the art of drifting. His constant effort to improve his own driving style in Kart racing is looked upon by fellow racers.
Bonus: +25% RP and Lucci if the player finishes first in Singles mode
+15% RP and Lucci if the player's team wins in Team Mode

Karts-These are the current karts in NAKR-Saber C1,Burst C1/E2,Cotton C1/E2,Marathon C1/E2,Solid C1/E2 and the Pumpkin Kart E2 and Valentines Kart.The default kart that lasts forever is the practice kart. The levels of karts from lowest to highest is: Practice kart,C1,E2,G3,R4,PRO and SR. All types of karts that are G3 level or lower costs lucci. With the exception of the Marathon series, All karts that are R4 level and up costs NX cash.Some karts have abilities such as upgrading N2O boosts etc.However none of those karts have been released.

Drifting-Drifting is very important in kartrider.In speed mode, When you drift, you will have part of your N2O bar filled and when it is full, you receive an N2O boost.There are many types of drifts such as Double drift,link drift,Mirror drift,U drift and more. If you crash into the wall when drifting, you won’t receive the N2O you were supposed to get for this drift.When you successfully finish a drift, press up to create a short boost.

Multiplayer-In multiplayer, you can race with people from around the world.You can race with 2-8 players, in item and speed,teams and singles.You can even race with some of your friends too.There are about 14 maps in item and 16 maps in speed.Don't get confused but NOOBS play item mode.PROS play speed mode.

Item mode-In item mode you pick up items and shoot down other people or defend yourself.Refer to my item guide. When players drift in item mode, No N2O is given.

Speed mode-In speed mode, players simply race and drift if needed.Players will receive part of their N2O bar filled depending on how long they drift and whether or not they crash.In team speed, players will have an additional blue N2O bar below their original one.When players drift and BOOST, a bit is added to this bar.When this bar is full, it will upgrade all team members’ existing N2Os into blue ones which are quicker and last 1.5 times as long.

Winner-When you win a race or in other words come first, you will receive the most lucci and RP in single and your whole team will receive the same amount in team.After you win and prepare for the next race, you have the power to choose a map for everyone to play on and you can also kick or boot people from this room by pressing the red X button next to the green I button.

Perfect-In team races, if the whole of one team’s players finish 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th depending on the number of players, players will receive extra lucci and RP, meanwhile the losing team will have RP deducted and will receive 10 lucci.

Emotes-Each character has 8 different emotes. Activate them by pressing Ctrl+1-8.You can also activate them by saying things.If you say lol or rofl you will automatically smile or laugh.If you say cry, you will cry.Here is what each emote does:
Ctrl5-wink ;)

Batons-Batons are items held in the hand while racing.It will grant an RP or lucci bonus or both at the end of each race. Each baton like all other kartrider items has a number of days limit before it expires.

Scenario-There are currently 19 scenarios and it's basically about Dao trying to win a very challenging kartriding cup.In order for him to do this, you must help him by racing against his friends and racing in multiplayer.Sometimes there are special scenarios where Dao must deliver something within a time limit.They are quite challenging indeed.

Licence-As mentioned before, you can obtain licences when reaching the right coloured glove.There are licences such as Beginner,Novice,Rookie,L3,L2,L1,PRO.L3 and higher licences have not been released in NAKR yet.

Time Attack-You can practice all the maps available for your licence here.They do cost lucci though.1 difficulty=50 lucci

Shop-You can buy everything here including Karts, Characters, licence plates, colours and more. Currently everything here costs lucci and has a 7 or 30 day limit once purchased.

Gift box-You can accept gifts from your pals or discard them. When doing the 2nd beginner quest, a GM will send you a license plate.

Settings-you can set the music, rear mirror, effects and AutoReady option.

Buddies-Like almost every online game, you can add buddies. Simply press the green square with I in it.This displays their date when they started playing,Their glove and more.Click the add buddy button below the info.You can chat with your buddies in a small window too.

Events and Quests-Like most other online games, kartrider has events like valentines day,Christmas etc and will have some quests which give out limited edition items.Make sure to compete.Note: these quests aren't really that hard.

My biggest guide so far!This concludes my guide.I hope you enjoy playing kartrider with your friends and make sure you sign up for Kartextreme forums.!!!

Many of you may think I make too much polls.If my polls were considered spam or have annoyed you in any way,I apologize.

My written guides-

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This one

Thank you for reading
ill never forget kartrider
google is your friend

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