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Cool Flag mode guide by yxin1

So.This guide is about flag mode.Flag mode is currently only available in PK and KKR.Each flag game lasts for 3 minutes.

Because there are no rookie,L3,L2 etc rooms, anyone can play flag mode.Most people are extremely experienced and will usually kick you out from team mode(i've seen many many starred glove people and even starred.)Most team rooms are full so you must repeatedly click the quick join team button to try to enter a room.

How to play:drive through the green area of the flag to pick it up.Then, RUN! or score some goals.When someone with the flag is hit, the flag will be placed somewhere near them.To make someone drop the flag, attack them with a missile(preferred) or collide with them.If you are lucky you may hit them with a rolling water bomb.

Like item mode, The flag maps all have item boxes, however only contain items specified below.There is only 3 maps in PK flag mode.One based on zoomtown, one based on Creepy hollow and one based on Frenzy forest.


In single flag mode, the objective is to pick up the flag and hold it for as long as possible.

In team flag mode, the objective is to pick up the flag and drive to the goal corresponding to your colour.Once you have reached the goal, your team will receive one point and the flag will appear somewhere in the middle of the map.

Super shield-A red and white coloured shield that has the benefits of a Nitrous boost and a shield.however, the nitrous boost is practically useless because this is not a race.If you have a panda pro,piggy pro etc that upgrades N2Os, this won't be affected.

Invisibility-Having a ghost as a symbol, this item will hide you from everyone including your teammates.No one can see you or attack you.It lasts for about 10 seconds.When activated, you will become a ghost like in time attack mode and will have small ghosts encircling you.

Land Mine.One of the most common items in flag mode.This item acts like a banana peel.It will detonate once being driven over and the driver will blast into mid air like being shot by a missile.Also, if you are completely still while dropping it or while you are hit, you will be bombed.This item is also in Item mode and will replace banana peels if someone is driving a crazy jalopy R4,Dr.R's kart.Best to place this on narrow spots

5 missile set-In flag mode, you are allowed to have up to ten missiles in one slot and this one item will give you 5.If you obtain this item, there will be a picture of a missile in your item slot with the number 5 next to it.Not as common as other items.

Rolling water bomb-A water bomb that when used, rolls for 3 seconds and explodes.Anyone in contact with it will be trapped for 2 seconds and will lose their flag if held.If thrown at a wall, will roll back!Available in item mode in some theme i forgot.

Item mode items

Shield-Blocks one attack

Missile-Shoots a missile at the target

Devil-Reverses left and right arrow keys

Magnet-Pulls racer towards the target

Halo-Makes team or self invincible for 4 seconds


Many people drift so they can turn easier to aim at the flag holder or try to practise.However no N2O is received.


In order to receive perfect, the opponent team must not score any points and your team must score at least one point.The more points you score, the more rp your team will gain and the more rp the opponent team loses.

Tips and tricks:

If you lag, there is a high chance you won't be able to pick up the flag.

Try to always drift to turn to the other direction.

When you have the flag, never stay in one spot.Keep moving so the others can't aim at you easily.

Remember-You will lose the flag if you collide with someone.

Hope you liked this guide.leave a comment if you liked it.

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