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Default [License] L2 Test

This is the officially unofficial L2 License Guide.

Requirements for L2 Testing are as follows:
- Are at least at a Blue-5 Glove (13300 RP)
- You have acquired the L3 License
- At least 2000 or so Lucci

Objective: Collect item boxes to earn Missiles. Shoot the eight Lodumani targets, then cross the finish line.
Time Limit: 26 seconds

Make sure to grab every single box and to line up all your shots. If you don't shoot all the targets, you fail and the test will be terminated. Make sure to line up your shots, but don't take too long. After shooting the targets, the last box on the track will contain a Magnet, which you must use on a weight hovering over the finish line.

Objective: Finish one lap of Town Fingers before Lodumani does.
Time Limit: 40 seconds.

At the beginning of the race, Lodumani will cheat by leaving the starting line at the count of "2". To catch up, collect the item boxes in the shortcuts. Lodumani takes the long way around, and if you drift well, you may not need to use the items at all. If Lodumani gets ahead, simply shoot him with a missile. Lodumani does not retaliate.

Objective: Reach the finish line in the time limit
Time Limit: 35 seconds

This one requires you to drift to gain Nitrous. Simply follow the lines on the track. Once you've gained 2 Nitrous, you can stop drifting. To make both of the jumps in the course, you must use your Nitrous. Be careful not to fall off the upper area, or you'll most definitely lose.

Objective: Make it to the end of a broken track. Falling off results in failure.
Time Limit: 36 seconds.

The sections of this course are not connected. Instead, you must drift off ramps to orient yourself on the next section of track. The arrows on the ramp indicate the direction to turn. There are two instances where you must boost up a ramp to make it over a gap. All in all, this is a rather easy test.

Objective: Complete two laps on the Rotating Desert Site.
Time Limit: 2 minutes, 50 seconds

The only thing I can say here is try not to crash too often. If you've played this map in speed mode, you get the idea here. Simply finish the course. The track is actually easier than it seems, but watch out for that 90-degree S-bend. Finish this and you pass.

Rewards For completing the Test are...:
- L2 Drivers' License
- L2 Practice Kart
- Access to the L2 Channel and Courses

You also get...:
- Reduced Bonuses in L3 games and increased reductions in Rookie games

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