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you are all fckin stupid.
Stop complaining like kids.

just think about that ! :

We get NOTHING during last 4 month.
Now final release will come out.
The official forum was spammed by complaints during two month.

DO YOU REALLY think nexon PAYS his american staff for doing nothing during 3 month??? of course not!! they worked on opening.

look at the picture, there is a solid G3!
we didn't even get saber E2.
So i guess we'll get more than one kart at this time!
more maps and of course cash shop, guilds and friends system OP.

flag mode maybe, more scenarios. And replays.

that is NOT ENOUGHT for you ?

for me it's great.

thanks nexon. I never failed believe in their greatness :)

PS : and think about L3 seriously... nexon will release it SOON because the difference of level between riderz in "rookie" is actually too huge.
noobs green glove can't fit with A1 donuts....
so L3 will be there to equilibrate players. I know that.

just wait and ENJOY

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