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Default NPX + AxC =/= happy

So everyone has been following up with our huge drama dilemma crap. I'm just here to clear up stuff to the public. What's happening is Taco is trying to make it so that NPX and AxC can somehow be linked but not likely possible. So NPX will stand on its own but has issues, which will remain private.

NPX has been revised and here is how things will work.
NPX has a council made up for 5 members who will be making all the decisions from now on.
I will be disappearing shortly, to stop some drama.
ThisIsntJenn will be the new NPX leader. She's been great.

My 2 cents to everyone.
It's been a pleasure racing with everyone. It's been a long fun ride with everyone who I've met and befriended over time. I've met a lot of nice people and some who back stabbed me. But that's how life is.

So just saying goodbye and if you need more details just go on NPX forums or AxC forums.

Don't you just hate it when "celebs" don't let you in on stuff? I sure do. =)

~Shugi saying good bye everyone

To Moderators: Please don't move this post, this is my last wish before I disappear. Thank you.
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