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Smile Blocking guide- new maps suggested!

In kartrider you can block people if you don't want to race.This is why i have made this guide-to teach you how to block.

1. choose either team speed mode or team item mode.I recommend speed mode so no one can attack you.Blocking in single is useless unless you want to own everyone.

2.get some friends to block with you.

3. grab a couple of N2O boosts either by collecting item boxes or drifting.

4.Pick a spot to block.I recommend:
near the end, on the higher platform
Actually i recommend all northeu maps.Just stand behind the green B cube.
the place shown in this picture or a little further
in the shortcut with many boxes.Easy place.
in the shortcuts between the fingers.
in this map you can block 6 TIMES!!! they go back and forth 3 times.Charge at the bridge.

in the shortcuts.
stay still at the place just before the shortcut.You know where i mean.


the place shown in this map
in the tunnel shown here or on the ramp or bridge
on the ramp

I play popkart so some maps are in kkr that might be good for blocking.IDK

5.CHARGE!!!!! make sure your enemies are directly in front of you.Try to do your best.It may be hard with the wrong way sign in your way.oh yeah if the wrong way sign flashes 5 or 6 times you will automatically face the right way like pressing r.Or you can just stand sideways in a narrow road and move up and down.Get like a solid or a r4 or pro kart.This will make things easier and they will get bumped farther.

Good luck blocking.

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