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Originally Posted by Ruris View Post
Let me translate:

- Press Up when the beginning countdown hits 1 to receive a small boost.
- Mashing left and right while trapped in a bubble releases you faster
- Pressing Up immediately after landing from a missile attack to get a boost.
- Turning on the sound helps you detect Flying Water Bomb and Missile attacks.
- Pressing Ctrl and a number 1-8, you can do expressions in the waiting room.
- Tapping left and right alternatively while on a straightaway makes you slightly faster.
- The WASD key setup can also be used to play.
- Put banana peels on ramps and caves and such. It also helps to put them in choke points
- Use Nitrous on straight roads in Item Mode
- Use UFOs and Water Bombs on people jumping the gap in the Sandpit. They'll fall and need to back up to get faster.
- You can take the shortcut in Hidden Monastery without a Nitrous
- When blocking, block places where people use their Nitrous. It also helps if you use a Solid-series kart. Using Chunk may or may not help. (Probably not)
- Remember to click the "Multi-Play" button in Scenario Mode in order to get credit.
- Don't use Time Attack unless you want to show your leet skillz. It costs Lucci. Speed tracks generally cost more than Item tracks, and tracks with higher difficulty cost more than ones with lower difficulty.
- Don't bother buying plates, they don't do anything.

Some of my tips:
- It's possible to lay a Banana Peel underneath a player trapped in a bubble or being blown up.
- Angels can block Devils in Team Item mode.
- When playing the Bonus Level, brown coins double the amount of Lucci that gold coins give. It stacks too! Coins start with 10 Lucci each, then 20, 40, 80, 160... There aren't a lot of brown coins, however.
- There are no differences between characters, aside from their bonuses and any aesthetic features. Any improvement in your skill is a combination of practice and the placebo effect.

I did understand all of the main post. D:
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