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Default KartRider Ladder

Kartrider Unofficial Ladder

I would just like to inform everyone that there has been a ladder system for Kartrider created at: It is free to sign up. I believe using it would bring an extra level of competition (and fun?) to the game :)

When registering, please make your Ladder name the same as your Kartrider character's name. It is also best not to use the same password for the ladder that you use for Kartrider.

Also note that if this gains popularity, tournaments can also be held for ranks and skill rating.


What is a ladder system?
A ladder system is basically a method of ranking players.

It works like this:
Player A challenges Player B to a match.
Player B accepts and both players log on the game and play eachother in a 1v1 game.
The loser of the match then logs onto the website ( and clicks the "Report Loss" button under "The Ladder" on the left menu.
The winner's win is then recorded, and the new ranks and statistics of the users are calculated.

How does ranking work?
Everyone starts off as 'unranked.' When you play another unranked player and win, you will be placed at bottom of the rankings.

When you beat a player who is ranked (and is ranked higher than you), your rank will be increased by half of the distance between your rank and your opponents.
For example: The person ranked 10 beats the person ranked 1, the player who was previously ranked 10 will now be ranked 5.

How does skill rating work?
Aside from just rankings, there is also a 'skill rating' that is given to each player.
For more information on skill ratings you can read about them at this link:

For more answers to common questions visit:

If you have any more questions/comments, leave them here and I will try my best to answer them.
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