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Originally Posted by ProjectNeil
I'd buy some stuff, probably. So long as it doesn't give me an unfair advantage, and is purely for aesthetics.

Looking unique ftw.
Most CS items are going to give you an advantage in some way. You can buy characters/paint... Also all characters have a EXP and/or Lucci Bonus, but you have to buy a CS item for it to take effect.

Cs items include, Karts, Characters, Paint (black & white only), license plates, flags, goggles, camcorder, a "S Card", that lets you keep the room master check mark no matter what.

Karts all have different stats, CS race karts are faster, or handle better, or both. Then theyre specialty karts for item mode, some make all your boosters a blue team boost (like panda).

Go here for Karts, but don't rely on the stats posted, because theyre quite inaccurate. It's good to see what specialty karts do what, and which karts we might be getting in the very very distant future. Also lists characters, maps, item and license guides. good site.
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