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Talking Tips and tricks in Kartrider

Press up straight after the 1 in the countdown.This should give you a small boost.
Pressing the left and right arrow keys repeatedly when you are trapped in a water bomb will release you 1 second earlier.
When you get hit by a missile press up when you land.You will recieve a small boost.
It is wise to turn on your speakers in item mode to hear the sound of an incoming attack and activating your shield if needed
In the waiting room, press ctrl+numbers 1-8 to activate emotes.
5=wink ;)
8=sleep zzz
While racing on a straight road, press left and right repeatedly(shaking your head) will make you silghtly faster
In speed mode, drift when you have a boost if necessary
WASD can replace arrow keys while racing if needed
Place banana peels on ramps(like the one in sandpit) and in tunnels(like the one in Woodland) will make people behind you slip like crazy.
use nitrous boosts on a straight road in item mode
Use ufos and use bombs/missiles on people when they are going cross the jump in sandpit.
If you are noob at drifting, don't drift at all unless in mesa and all you need.
Practice in time attack in Hidden Monastary how to make the shortcut without a nitrous boost.
If you are pro at blocking, block at the ramp when everyone is using their n2o boosts.Make sure you use a solid kart and a Chunk and have a boost with you.
Make sure you click on the multiplayer button on the top left corner if you are up to a scenario that is 'Multi-Play'
Avoid using time attack unless you want to show off your 1337 skills in pyramid mesa or zigzag.Remember 1 difficulty=50 lucci
Avoid buying car plates and useless stuff unless you really wanna.I make a mule and when i do all the beginner quests i should have around 7000 lucci.I spend that on plates and characters and even karts.Just use 'Gift'.

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